Creating Magical Moments


I love hummingbirds – their magical movements, their speed, and their sense of humor! (You have to BE with them for a while to catch on to that one, I think.)

In the last few weeks there’s been a lot of hummingbirds as the migratory visitors are in to breed, and I had the chance to watch them often from the balcony area where I meditate. I began to miss them, remembering how fun and exciting it was to watch them up close. So I took action.

I put out two feeders with my special recipe (the secret is at the end of this article) and they began to come in droves, fighting, playing, what I think of as “singing”, and generally just amusing me as I watched. When I was doing my thesis research, they used to dive down and play with my hair or even peck on my red toenail polish. So far, several of them have been coming to “visit” by hovering about six inches from my face to check me out.

It’s been fun, it’s been delightful, it’s been downright entertaining. In fact, it’s been magical watching all the birds that have been drawn to my home. (Don’t even get me started on the Hooded Orioles!). It’s taken me back to a time that was magical and playful.

I realized the importance of remembering what has given us joy in the past and finding ways to relish the simple pleasures in our daily life. So often, we may pass up the opportunity to create good feelings for ourselves and others because we get caught up in the busyness of life and living.

So my question to you is this: Is there something you would enjoy doing that you have been putting off?Better yet, ask yourself this: What is one thing I can do TODAY to feel good and create joy in the world for myself or others?It may be simple. It may be inexpensive. It doesn’t have to take a great deal of time. But it can create magical moments and an incredible feeling of joy inside you that will move through your life to attract even more.

We know that what we focus on expands, and when we create excitement, fun, laughter, and delight we are sure to experience even more. Most of us have gotten pretty good at doing the “have to’s” in life, but some of us have forgotten the importance of the “love to’s” as well.

Give yourself the gift, starting today, to open yourself up to the childlike joys of being alive! Give yourself the gift of magical moments! Allow yourself to experience the feelings of joy, laughter, play, and ecstatic excitement! As you do, you will be creating an irresistible energy field that will naturally attract to you incredibly wonderful moments that will delight you!We are here to enjoy this amazing playground of life in a way that is full and fulfilled with all of our heart’s desires. Life is meant to be magical, to excite and delight us! There is a limitless supply for us all if we only open ourselves to receive.

Begin to take actions today that will bring more love, joy, laughter, freedom, and just “feeling great” into your life. The pay off will be tremendous as you experience more of the magic in your life, knowing that you can create it at any moment.

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"It's about being heard"–Samantha Weya, Skika Afrika & Togetherness Through Community.

00.00 Intro
06:30 Skika’s Audience & Learning the Market
16:00 Prototyping & Iterating on Skika
21:30 How does Actuarial Science merge with Creativity?
25:00 Pitching the Creative Industry to Businesses
34:05 Prioritizing Mental Wellness
48:30 Documenting the Industry & Impact

“Skiza na Skika”–Skika Afrika is a platform for African creatives to boost their careers. “It’s about being heard,” says Founder Samantha Weya, which is why she created a meeting point where Africa’s creatives can connect, find work, increase their visibility & upskill.

For her, Skika pursues a balance between recognizing the narratives behind African stories, but also giving creatives the infrastructure to build sustainable creative careers. From portfolio curation to fan support, brand consulting and mental wellness, Skika Afrika is all-encompassing in its mission to amplify the voices of African creatives, allowing them to bring to the world a broader understanding of who Africans are.

By profession, Samantha Weya is an Actuarial Analyst. She brings her understanding of risk, insurance and financial security to the creative industry to emphasize how creatives can take care of each other and their work. Learn more about Samantha and Skika Africa here: and follow the platform on instagram, facebook & twitter!

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