Create a Free e-Book of Your Web Site in 30 Minutes or Less!


Create a Free e-Book of Your Web Site in 30 Minutes or Less!

Did you know that you could create a free e-book of your web site in 30 minutes or less. I didn’t know this until I was experimenting with producing a Word document that I would save as a HTML file for reference purposes.

I have a new web site, Web Marketing Library, where I have links for free articles on the Web about web marketing. For years, I have read the free articles by the experts that I considered worth reading, but I would usually have to stumble upon them.

Then I got the idea to use Google to search for “web marketing articles” and 3,600 entries came up. There are plenty of articles available, but no one seems to have pulled them together in an easy to access link library, and classified the articles by topic. I have 260 articles on my site at this time. Here is my step by step approach.

•Opened Microsoft Word and copied and pasted the links into a Word file that I would save as a HTML file. Then I made a few minor changes for format and theme. I saved my file as an index.html file.

•A separate folder needed to be set up for my files I would use for my free e-book.

•Next, using my Easy E-book Creator (I had created several e-books earlier), I imported my index.html file from my new folder and compiled my e-book and sent my completed e-book to the same folder with my Word HTML file.

•Next, I uploaded my e-book .exe file to the Web Marketing Library web site.

•The file uploaded was an .exe file and I can give out the URL for downloading purposes.

•It will make a good promotion tool to achieve exposure for my new web site.

•Also, I will submit it to two sites that list free e-books for anyone who wishes to download them.

•Also, I will update my new free e-book every two months, since I expect my site to have over a 1,000 links eventually, even though it only has 260 now.

•The articles are written by well known marketers on the Web so the content quality is good, and many, many people are interested in marketing on the Internet.

•This approach assumes that your site have good quality content that enough people are interested in to desire to obtain a free e-book.

•The e-book is 15 pages long when printed out, but the wealth of web marketing information these pages represent is in the hundreds of pages.

Roger Staubus CPA, Author of “Platinum Tax Benefits” for Small Business Owners.
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7 FREE KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOLS For Endless Content Ideas and To Validate Your Product Idea

In this video, you’ll learn 7 FREE KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOLS for endless content ideas and to also validate your product idea. These are the tools and ways I wish I knew on how to find content ideas. Before you create content, a product or service, it’s best to do some keyword research. Using these tools, you’ll never run out of content ideas for your blog, YouTube, and other social media platforms.


00:00 – Introduction
00:58 – Method #1: Ubersuggest
04:25 – Method #2: Google Trends
06:18 – Method #3: Soovle
07:38 – Method #4: Answer The Public
09:44 – Method #5: Google Ads Keyword Planner
11:25 – Method #6: Facebook Groups
12:08 – Method #7: Ask, Run Polls, and Survey Your Audience
12:38 – Conclusion




Google Trends:

Answer The Public:

Google Keyword Planner:


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