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When we hear the word comics the first thing that would come to our mind is something funny and in some ways we would think about the image of Popeye or some super heroes like Superman and Spider Man. Some comics such as Tintin or Asterix have become so popular that they are translated into many different languages. The word comic originates from the Greek word komikos which means comedy and from the Latin word comicus that means narrating a sequence of pictures.Comics are illustrated stories that convey a story or a conversation through pictures and usually it is presented with very short narrations & dialogue among the characters – and so it is easier to read compared to any other reading materials. It commonly deals with humorous situation. Some scholars disagree about the exact definition of comics, though. Some believe its printed layout is decisive, some said both images and the text are given emphasis and others said it’s the sequence of the story that is being presented. In the early 20th century, comics were considered as a very effective medium in the United States for disseminating information and a way of entertainment. From that time on, comics fever was infectious, it was extended widely all over the world. Nowadays, comics are commonly found in newspapers, comic books, magazines, graphic novels and on the web.Comics are a good source of entertainment. Normally, comics can be found in the entertainment section of the newspaper. It can catch the readers’ interest even just by looking at the pictures and some limited number of words. Aside from these reasons, reading comics require less effort and thinking than reading a novel or a long story with no pictures. In some areas of the Philippines, people found a good way to make a profit out of comics. Some Filipinos would store a big volume of comics and rent it out for a few pesos. The older the comics are, the better the income. Many Filipino movies are originated from comics. And so are some American movies, such as Spider Man and Astroboy. A lot of people are really quite annoyed when there is a change of characters or situation in the movie adaptation. So movie makers really strive to look for copies of these popular comics to follow the right story line and gather more information about the stories of the characters and the explanation of the missing plot in the actual film.But why do people including young adults really like to read comics? What benefits do they derive from reading comics? What are the effects of this on the children? Shall children be avoided reading comics?Most of the time comics are produced solely for the delight of children. What is apparent, however,  is that introducing comics to children is not only good for the comics industry but for the children as well.  Educators know that comics are used to influence children into reading literature and it helps to encourage them to write and acquire their own stories. Eventually, these children will grow up appreciating reading and will soon go on enjoying reading materials like novels, informative books and will even lead to them developing their skills in writing and critical thinking.

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This summer brings us a lot of great epic fantasy novels both from established authors continuing their series and from new authors with fresh new stories and worlds for you to discover. This article gives you recommendations from among the best and most promising.

The Masters release their sequels this summer

Many famous and established authors are releasing continuations of their series this summer and among these is a new book in the Genesis of Shannara series by Terry Brooks.  Later in the summer he releases book III The Gypsy Morph.   

Stephen Donaldson is the author of one of the most unusual fantasy series ever written. The main character is Thomas Covenant who is an anti-hero afflicted with leprosy.  The land in which this all takes place is a richly woven tapestry unlike any other.  He is releasing the next installment in the Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant called Fatal Revenant.  If you are interested in starting a totally new series from the start and you haven’t read this one I highly recommend it. The first book in the series is Lord Fouls Bane.

Among all the big series books that are being released by big name authors the one that is almost guaranteed to shoot to the top of the best seller list is George R. R. Martins A Dance with Dragons. It is the latest installation in his Song of Ice and Fire series and a sure bet for good summer reading. But, it will not be released until September so that leaves beach reading out.

If you like movie tie-ins you the latest novel in David Farland’s Runelords series might be a good choice for you.  It is titled World Binder and it is book six in the series. The first book The Sum of All Men is currently being made into a major motion picture.

Another very popular series of books is the Kushiel’s Legacy series.  Written by Jacqueline Carey and the second trilogy is completed with the June publication of Kushiel’s Mercy.

Newcomers and new series to the genre

If you are looking to start a new series or discover a new author there are several books coming out this summer that are getting a lot of critical acclaim. These include A Darkness Forged in Fire by Chris Evans. It is characterized as a masterful fantasy novel with a gritty feel and military bent.  It promises a lot of sword-wielding action.  This book is  the first book in a new series called The Iron Elves.

A book that is being heralded by Amazon as one of the best fantasy books for 2007 is Patrick Rothfuss’ The Name of the Wind It is the first book in an anticipated trilogy. If you missed out on this book last year this summer is your chance to catch up.

The prolific R.A. Salvatore has started a new trilogy of books called Transitions and the first book in this series is called The Orc King: Transitions Book I. It was released in early July.  It is the latest installment in the adventures of the famous dark elf  who first appeared in the New York Times bestseller The Lone Drow.  Another book to be released late this summer is The Ten Thousand by Paul Kearney who has been nominated for the British Fantasy Award. He has published several titles including the acclaimed Sea Beggars series.

If you are looking for new variations on Arthurian legend there are two interesting additions to the genre this summer: Shadow Lands by Simon Lister and Sword at Sunset by Rosemary Sutcliff and Jack Whyte.  Each one takes an interesting and unique look at the legend of Arthur.

If you are just looking for some lighter fantasy reading to take with you to the beach you might want to pick up a copy of Dragons: Worlds Afire. It is a collection of five novella length dragon stories from masters like Salvatore, Weis, and Hickman.

Return to the Classics

If you would like to brush up on some classics that you may have missed you should start with Peter Beagle’s The Last Unicorn. This book should be read multiple times by every fantasy reader. It is a staple of the genre. After that you might want to consider Tolkien’s The Hobbit.  If you are looking for a new classic you may want to take a look at The Children of Hurin which is a book that was started by Tolkien and finished by his son. It was published in the spring of 2007 and was chosen as one of the best books of the year by Amazon readers.  

This summer is proving to be a great season for epic fantasy reading. There are lots of great books that have just been released and a lot more that will be released as the summer unfolds. So grab yourself a copy of one of these books and head off to the beach where you will discover elves, dragons, dwarves and many more wonderful things.


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