Circe – All Scenes Powers | Justice League Unlimited


Circe – All Scenes Powers | Justice League Unlimited

‘Justice League Unlimited (TV Series 2004–2006)’

Circe – All Scenes Powers

Circe was a divine sorceress. She was banished to Tartarus by Hippolyta, for transforming innocent people into animals.

Voice Actor: Rachel York

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This video explores the abilities, powers, and origin of the Marvel Comics character “Hercules Panhellenios.” From his birth as an Olympian and Human hybrid demigod that was the son of the Greek god Zeus and a woman named Alcmena, displaying amazing physical strength from a young age to developing potentially unlimited strength as the Greek god of strength and Prince of Power, completing his classic Twelve Labors as well as a Marvel-centric New Twelve Labors, loving battle and his long-standing rivalry with Thor Odinson as the strongest Olympian god, nearly equaling The Hulk in raw power and displaying the ability to overpower The Sentry and his half-brother Ares, taking out the Thor clone named Ragnarok during Marvel’s Civil War, allying with The Avengers and other superhero teams like The Champions and The Defenders as well as leading the god squad against the Skrull gods during the Secret Invasion storyline, siding with the Green Scar Hulk during the epic World War Hulk event, to becoming best friends with Amadeus Cho before defeating the powerful goddess Hela and later the Chaos King; Let’s take a look at this underratedly powerful Marvel superhero, and easily one of the strongest beings in the Marvel Universe. This includes a short, canon character biography and my own opinionated “Sage Rating,” which I use to give ratings of comic book and science fiction characters.