Choosing An Unlimited Long Distance Plan


Switching from traditional, pay-per-minute plans to unlimited long distance calling plans can be a scary step for families with a limited budget. That’s why it’s important to make sure the switch actually benefits your family’s needs and to help you make the right choices, I’ve put together this little tutorial.

What Is Unlimited Long Distance

Unlimited long distance is simply a long distance phone plan that allows anyone in your household to call anywhere within the plan’s calling area for a flat monthly fee. Depending on the service you sign up for, your unlimited long distance calling plan could include all state-to-state calls, all intrastate calls, all international calls, or a combination of the three.

Determine Your Needs

The first step to deciding if an unlimited long distance plan is right for your family is to pull out your old phone bills and see how much you’re truly spending on long distance calls. Don’t look at the total cost of your phone bill because the basic charges for having your phone installed and readily available every month will not be included in the unlimited long distance service.

There is really only one factor in determining whether or not unlimited long distance is right for your family:

If your long distance calls fluctuate every month, it might be more cost-effective to find a cheaper per minute long distance service and not sign up for an unlimited plan.  The only time you’ll want to break this rule is if the average dollar amount per month is more than the cost of the unlimited long distance service. To find the average dollar amount per month, total all long distance calls over a twelve month period and divide those calls by twelve.

Research Unlimited Long Distance Carriers

Not all unlimited long distance plans are created equal. While some plans have no hidden agenda: no extra fees, no add-on services, no restrictions, other plans need to be carefully researched and monitored.

Depending on the carrier and the plan you sign up for, your unlimited long distance plan may include some or all of the following restrictions: toll calls not included, limited calling area, limited number of minutes per month, a term contract, a sign-up or setup fee, extra monthly fees, a usage fee, and/or taxes outside the advertised rate.

Researching different unlimited carriers and studying the fine print in each contract can save you hundreds of dollars and several headaches—in the long run.

When researching unlimited long distance plans, make sure you double-check the following:

      If so, what is the per second/minute rate?

Remember, choosing the right plan for your family should mean immediate and long-term savingsFree Web Content, not “potential” savings.

Discover an exhilarating combination of live music, extreme snow sports and leading DJs, just a short drive from Geneva to Chamonix and the heart of the action.

If you enjoy the outdoor vibe, cutting edge music and vibrant atmosphere of a festival as well as the adrenalin rush of extreme winter sports then why not combine the two this spring at the Chamonix Unlimited Festival.

From the 5th to the 9th of April, Chamonix will be bustling with the sounds of live bands, DJs and crowds gathered to enjoy one of the festival calendar’s coolest events. The Chamonix Unlimited Festival is run by party organisers We Are Reality, who are no strangers to putting on events in wild, outdoor places and promise that this festival will be the best yet.

The Resort of Chamonix

Chamonix has long been considered, and considers itself, the coolest resort in the Alps. A mecca for extreme winter sports enthusiasts, drawn here year after year by its intense off piste skiing, steep slopes and great powder. The resort itself is a genuine French town (as opposed to a seasonal resort) nestled at the base of Mont Blanc. The pedestrianized centre is full of shops selling the latest in ski and board wear, as well as cool French boutiques, and is lined with the bars and clubs which make Chamonix’s après ski scene second to none.

Music at the Unlimited Festival

The festival will be making the most of not just the town of Chamonix but its entire skiing area. Many of the events will take place around the stunning Chamonix ski network at a variety of mountain top restaurants and bars. But those who don’t ski shouldn’t be concerned as the organisers have promised that all venues will be accessible to pedestrians by a combination of ski lifts and walking.

For those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground, there will be five days of partying in the town of Chamonix itself including live music and DJs. Expect the Alpine resort to be crowded as party-goers check out the many events held in its bars, cafes and clubs – not to mention outdoor spaces – throughout the festival. If previous years are anything to go by, many of these parties run all night and the fun doesn’t stop when the sun hits the slopes the next day.

Skiing Events

The event is sponsored by extreme winter sports company Black Crows Skis and it is this brand which is behind the many displays that will be running during the five day festival. From boarding and freeskiing, all disciplines will be covered with a range of displays taking place on the slopes above the resort.

One of the highlights will include the opportunity to ski down the famous Vallée Blanche off piste run with guides to watch Nina Kraviz’s Trip showcase at the bottom of the run. Visitors will also see Maceo Plex transform the gondola station for the Ellum showcase.

How to Get to Chamonix

The quickest way to get to Chamonix from the UK is by air. The nearest airport is Geneva which is served by a good range of flights from the UK with airlines to suit all budgets.

The easiest way to get from Geneva to Chamonix is by airport transfer with a company like Shuttle Direct. You can book online before you travel and, provided you notify them at the time of booking, they’ll carry all your ski equipment at no extra charge. If you’re travelling with friendsFree Reprint Articles, group transfers are available. If you’re travelling alone from Geneva to Chamonix on a tight budget then a shared group transfer can make for a more economic option.

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