Can You Really Benefit In A Big Way From Being An Amazon Associate?


Today, if you know what you are doing, being an Amazon Associate can be big business. What started as a simple online book distributor, Amazon has now grown into a major global retail outlet for people to buy and sell just about anything imaginable. One thing is for sure; there are numerous commercial opportunities for people wanting to get in on the action.

You will be able to take advantage of all of the tools needed to quickly build your own store as an Amazon associate. You can choose all of the products you want to sell as soon as you have your own store up and running. So you can customize the look to make sure that your site stands out from the rest of the competition.

So how can you set up your site? The first step is to sign up at the web site as an associate. Under the category ‘Join Associates you can find the link at the bottom of the home will want to login and choose an ID for your store once you are a member. This is how you will be able to track your sales and see how much money you are earning.

Deciding what products you want to sell is the next step to building your Amazon store. Under the aStore tab, you can select the different products individually or allow the web site to choose based on the category you have chosen.

From there, it is time to develop your store and personalize it. You can select the colors, font, size, and wording you want your store to look like. Additionally, on each page of your sitePsychology Articles, you can choose exactly what you want the shoppers to see.

Take the time to preview it once you have built your store and have it ready for shoppers to come to. See how it all functions and what the features look like. You can copy the HTML code that Amazon has provided you with and start to paste it into your own web pages if you feel it is ready. Your shop will be ready to go so from there you can start greatly profiting greatly from it.

It is because it is simple as it sounds. Setting up a shop that can make you thousands of dollars at has never been so easy. You want to consider setting up your own shop today

because Amazon is no slouch web site.


It looks like one life is not enough to see all the entries. Large part of these entries don’t sell engagement rings or even contain relevant information. The current web search is far from efficient and this is why a search seldom passes the third page. The need for better ranking pushes the online traders to optimize their sites to the level where they would show in completely irrelevant search. While some of the first page results are reliable jewelers with long presence on the net, many are there due to their web popularity and internet marketing superiority and are hardly connected to the jewelry industry. It is not as easy and it takes time and effort to check the surprisingly well positioned irrelevant hits. With all the diversity and tons of information the average engagement ring buyer is slowly getting entangled in the ropes of overchoice. Elimination of unnecessary information is not an available feature on today`s search engines and it is still not in visible distance. But which information is unnecessary and for whom? There could be a brand new jeweler, selling exactly the ring you are looking for, at incredible price, but on the 4th page.  Hundreds of faceless merchants are displaying their products in array of glamour and blink and are all telling you they are the best. This does not sound right – the best could only be one. Today’s marketing ethics are very broad and that creates more food for thoughts. Overchoice is a major obstacle for any online merchant. It turns many potential customers away from online dealing in spite of the obvious benefits in place.  Even when dealing with only relevant pages, facing thousands of relevant options makes the decision taker apprehensive. Very good parallel to this feeling is the “posh restaurant” example: You are in a very posh expensive restaurant you have heard a lot about, looking at the menu. You know, that it is not likely to have the opportunity to visit again and you want your meal to encompass everything you would expect from their famous name. You want to experience all the exotic, refined flavors and combinations differentiating them from the main stream restaurants…in just one meal. And the menu has over 200 main courses and over 100 deserts.  Many people are spending hours, choosing between two or three shortlisted diamond rings in the jewelry shop and the hesitation of facing three hundred or more online is to be expected. Overchoice is not something we could wish away. We are learning to deal with it on and off line every day. Here are some guidelines for engagement ring buyers:The first thing that turns the overchoice to advantage is our ability to compare similar products. In the engagement ring field this requires a bit of knowledge about basic diamond qualities and   jewelry divisions.  This knowledge gives you the ability to see beyond the marketing blur and assess the real thing. Then you just have to look for the best value for money.The second is to choose jeweler with proper return policy (30 days or more). Knowing that your purchase is not irreversible takes a lot of worries away and eliminates low value entries. Merchants not confident in the quality and competitiveness of their product avoid extended return policies or apply too many terms and conditions. The best return policy says: “30 day (or more) money back guaranteed no questions asked on condition the ring is not worn or altered” or something similar. After short listing ones choices the best way to single out the right jeweler is to speak to him/her. The existence of direct live line is an important prerequisite. The ability to handle professionally customer’s enquiries and give them comprehensive clear information, speaks volumes about the service you would expect and even the quality of their merchandise. 

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Vasco Kirov is highly experienced master goldsmith with numerous awards in diamond engagement rings design. In his online jewellery studio he is offering his vast experience not only to help you build the engagement ring of your dreams, but also to fit it within your budget. 

The Comic Book Store Championing Diversity

Ariell Johnson doesn’t wear a cape. But to many comic book fans and artists, she’s a superhero. Johnson is the first black woman to own a comic book shop on the East Coast. Her Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse in Philadelphia sells comic books like “Harriet Tubman: Demon Slayer” and “The Almighty Street Team” that aren’t readily available in other stores. Amalgam is much more than a place to shop. Johnson, who calls herself “the head nerd in charge,” has built a fun and welcoming community for all.


#Diversity #Comics #Philadelphia

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