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With a collection of over 115 beautiful beaches, Seychelles has become a perfect holiday destination for travellers seeking seclusion and solitude.  This amazing island country offers some serene moments to the travellers where they can relax and bury all the miseries and worries of their routine life. From honeymooners to backpackers, from family vacationers to lonely souls, this island country charms every sort of travellers and entices them to book tickets for cheap flights to Seychelles. Here are the top five beautiful and blissful beaches of Seychelles that make this place a synonym to heaven. Beau VallonLocated on the island of Mahé on the northern side, the Beau Vallon beach is one of the most popular and visited beaches in Seychelles. The travellers planning air travel and booking flights to Seychelles never miss a chance to witness the exotic beauty of this beach and surely include it in their travel itinerary. The long-stretched pristine sands, shimmering waters, cool ambience and jovial crowds at the Beau Vallon beach make a perfect backdrop where one can unwind and rejuvenate oneself. Moreover, Beau Vallon is also known for its thrilling water sports that give an edge to the life and arouse a true holiday feel in the heart of the holidaymakers. Anse RoyaleBeing the longest beach of Mahe, Anse Royale offers a wonderful background for the lovebirds to enjoy a sunset walk along the coastline with their partner. The water of the Anse Royale beach proffers a safe and comfortable swimming experience to the travellers of all age groups and thus entices many family vacationers from far and wide to plan a tour to Seychelles. The best time to visit Anse Royale beach is between the months of May to October when the winds stay favourable and water stays serene to enjoy a peaceful day out. Intendance BeachRenowned to be a paradise for surfers, Intendance Beach is widest beach in Seychelles. The multi-directional currents at the Intendance Beach bestow a perfect surfing experience that gives goose bumps to even a veteran adventurer. Travellers visiting this amazing beach may find a number of sea-facing resorts and hotels that offer pleasant stay and blissful ambience. With such remarkable attractions, travellers visiting Intendance Beach gloat over their decision of buying cheap flights to Seychelles.Port LaunayTravellers who want to see the mad character of Seychelles must plan a trip to the Port Launay beach. The beach is counted among the most favourite beaches of the country and stays jam-packed with locals and travellers all day long. From jovial locals to multi-hued beachside shops, from amazing water sports to an array of vibrant cafes and restaurants, Port Launay beach features all the traits of an ideal beach and hence gains the admiration of every traveller booking flights to Seychelles. Anse Bois de RoseLocated next to the hotel Coco de Mer, Anse Bois de Rose is a perfect place to enhance ones swimming skills. The picturesque landscapes and stunning beauty of the Anse Bois de Rose beach has made it one of the most photographed beaches in Seychelles and thus it has become a hotspot for shooting and picture taking by various renowned filmmakers. As the burning sun melts in the cool sea, Anse Bois de Rose beach turns into a serene place where one can meditate and feel the power of divinity.  With such remarkable beaches, Seychelles has become a blissful holiday destination that greets millions and millions of travellers every year who book flights to bask in the magnificence of its splendid beaches.

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Book Review: “Someone I Love Died By Suicide”
written by Doreen T. Cammarata, MS

“Someone I Love Died by Suicide: A story for child survivors and those who care for them”.

This book is one of only a few books available today that is specifically designed to be read to children survivors.

Book Review By Joan Bramsch
My dear Doreen,

I’ve completed your book. Outstanding! You’re fulfilling such a need among children who lose someone they love by suicide. You provide so much help for youngsters and teens. Actually, you have also helped me.

When I read your suggestion about making a memory box I knew exactly what I would do: I happen to collect handmade wooden boxes that once held stationery, candy, cigars, or was simply a treasure box. Now I am going to choose among my favorites and make one a Memory Box for my beloved Bill. I thank you for this healing suggestion.

Your book gives mourners permission to grieve. You help them to find their way through the difficult work of grieving, after loving deeply. And you are careful to point out that there is no “one right way.” Bravo! But you do show the reader what s/he can expect, that it’s okay to cry and feel sad, that it’s okay to be angry and punch a pillow or throw stones where they won’t do any harm.

Last, you help your reader to understand there is no time limit on grieving, but that it is also okay and, actually, wonder-filled to celebrate the memories about her/his loved one by being happy and having fun.

I am so glad you’ve written this important story. Surely, you are doing Angel Work! Thank you, in the name of children everywhere, who need your help.

SincerelyComputer Technology Articles,

Joan Bramsch

10 Nicholas Sparks Movies Ranked

Best movie couples ►►
More Celebrity News ►►

If you’ve ever found yourself post breakup, eating ice cream, underneath a pile of soggy tissues, watching a sappy romance movie – you’re probably all too familiar with the cinematic works of Nicholas Sparks. This author and screen writer has been in the business of setting unattainable movie relationship goals for years, and today we’re ranking all of his movies from worst to first. – Im going to go ahead and issue a SPOILER ALERT right here right now! Don’t keep watching unless you are okay with knowing some possible spoilers!

Dear John
The Longest Ride
Safe Haven
The Lucky One
The Last Song
Nights in Rodanthe
The Best of Me
Message in a Bottle
A Walk to Remember
The Notebook

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