Best Scenes from 'Endless Love: Autumn In My Heart' (Filipino-dubbed)


Best Scenes from 'Endless Love: Autumn In My Heart' (Filipino-dubbed)

Endless Love is a 2000 Korean TV series. It was the very first-ever Korean Drama in Philippine prime time TV. It was first aired from September 3 – October 24, 2003 on GMA Network.

Performed by Jung Il-young
Composed by Jung Jin Soo
Written by Choi Hee Jin

Audio from GMA Network and Telesuccess Productions, Inc.
Video Clips from KBS
Video Edited by Jomari Costuna

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{articles|100|campaign}Endless Love: Johnny confronts Jenny’s bully | Full Episode 1

Filled with anger, Johnny (Kristofer Martin) confronts Shirley (Joyce Ching) to stop bullying his sister. Unknowingly, Jenny (Kathryn Bernardo) was rushing to stop the former which eventually got her into an accident.

‘Endless Love’ is a Philippine adaptation of the hit Koren drama series from GMA Network, starring Marian Rivera as Jenny Cruz and Dingdong Dantes as Johnny Dizon.

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