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 While a basic idea of web design is needed, when dealing with church web design, there are several things that are basically different from regular web site design. A bad design will drive church goers away and will show that a church is irrelevant and out of touch. You must have a well designed site in order to attract people to your particular church. In the past, having a site was horribly expensive, very difficult technically and needed skills that your church may not have had in the past. Here is information that will help you to create an excellent site for your church.You will need volunteers to set the site up and run it as well as using a click and build system or you can pay for the site design. If you are using volunteers that have the crucial design and technical skills to make a truly stand out site. The cons of using this method are that there is no technical support if the person leaves the church. Now if you are using a point and build system, try a free trial first and references need to be checked to be certain that they have served churches before. A good system here will have a full helpdesk that includes both phone and email support. The cons with this are that you need to watch out for hidden costs in regards to support calls.Now hiring a web design company is the next topic. While this may not be economically feasible as the click and build system, there are several advantages to this system. The agency will be able to bring your church web site vision to life, especially if you have a particular design in mind. Now the cons for this include very expensive design. The sites are aimed at two different people. Your first audience is those that are not Christians, but who are considering coming to your church. This site offers them the way to find out about your church and the Christian faith.Your second audience for the site is the current members of your church. The information provided on these sites must be relevant to this church and those who are considering coming to the church. Some information that is useful is who is preaching next Sunday? When is the next Prayer Meeting? along with  other relevant questions.  When you are creating a web site, you need to have a section marked Visitors that spells out in plain English what your church is about, what a visitor can expect and a few facts about the church.This is just a simple view of how the basics of church web site design should go. By following these tips, you will have a more successful web site than others who have tried and failed to get a church web site up in the past. This information should help you to make the right kinds of choices when it comes to church web site design.

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Have you ever wondered why your church should create a pictorial church directory? Church directories help build a stronger church community in a number of ways. Read this article to learn ten ways a church directory can enhance your church community.

In today’s technologically advanced society, it can be difficult to unplug and establish meaningful relationships. Churches bring together people from different backgrounds, but finding ways to help members establish meaningful relationships can be a challenge. Building a strong sense of community is important to many congregations, but how can churches accomplish this? Church directories help congregations connect members, retain members and grow.

10 Ways a Church Directory Enhances Community

Church leaders aim to connect people with God, your church and with each other, and church directories one way to help build a stronger church community.

1.    Connects names with faces. Whether your congregation is large or small, you’re bound to have members who don’t know each other very well. By providing portraits in your church directory, people can easily connect names with faces.

2.    Serves as a gift for newcomers. Church leaders can show that they are committed to providing members with a welcoming environment in which to worship.

3.    Encourages church attenders to become church members. Sometimes church attendees need incentive to become church members. With a church directory, you can encourage attendees to become members by proving to them that your church encourages interaction between members and is working towards building a strong church community.

4.    Builds a church that’s more personal and intimate. From young couples to senior members, your church members want to worship in an environment that is welcoming and offers them a sense of belonging.

5.    Tells the ministry’s story and communicates your church vision. Communicating your church vision encourages members to support your mission and they feel connected to the community by understanding what your ministry stands for.

6.    A great tool to recognize special times. Building a stronger community is more than just connecting names with faces. It also means communicating to church members the milestones in your community, including anniversaries or new buildings or ministries.

7.    Demonstrates church growth and makes everyone aware of staff changes.

8.    Creates lasting memories and quality family portraits.

9.    Keeps current church members engaged. As your congregation grows, it can become more difficult to keep current church members engaged. A church directory helps current members get to know new members.

10. Great tool for staff members. It’s important that the staff at your church knows who is who. Church directories enable your staff members to easily match names with facesArticle Submission, as well as recognize and greet church members when they come to services.

Grow your church congregation and encourage members to interact with and get to know each other. Use church directories to build a stronger church community.

China’s $200 Billion Underwater Train To The US

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China wants to build a $200 billion underwater train to the United States. The China-Russia-Canada-America line would be the most expensive megaproject in history and take years to complete. The biggest engineering challenge would be building an underwater tunnel through the Bering Strait. The Bering Strait would be the longest underwater tunnel in the world and cost about $52 billion to build. There are other significant hurdles that China must overcome if it hopes to build a high-speed rail line to the United States. Money is no issue but there are environmental concerns and political concerns. The United States and China have a very strained relationship and tensions would have to decrease significantly if the China-Russia-Canada-America line were to become a reality. China’s high-speed rail network has grown significantly in the last 20 years. Today, the country has one of the most comprehensive high-speed rail networks on the planet and new projects are being completed every year. State-owned China Railway began planning the country’s high-speed rail system in 1990. In 1999, China began construction on the first leg of its high-speed rail network, the Qinhuangdao–Shenyang Passenger Railway. The $1.9 billion rail line began service in 2003, and bullet trains that run on the line now reach top speeds of 160 mph. Construction then increased exponentially. In 2012, China opened the 1,428-mile-long Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed rail line. It’s the longest high-speed rail line in the world and has reduced the travel time between Beijing and Guangzhou to just eight hours. Here’s a look at China’s plan for an underwater train to the United States.

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