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A brief and simple definition of a romance
novel is a book that has a storyline focused on love. Romance books mostly follow
two characters that fall in love, their lives and lives of their loved ones.
That is a overly basic definition of a romance book.

The popularity of romance books has grown over the years and
as of now, romance books are some of the most popular books among published
writers.There are several other bestselling genres of writing.These include
science fiction and detective fiction books.There are many lovers of romance in
the modern times; roughly about 54 percent of book readers are reading
nonfiction novels.The rest of the population is reading the other 46 percent of
fiction books.The feeling of love gets people going; they can relate to this
easily and connect with the characters in the stories.Most people have been in
love at least once in their life and meeting the person of your dreams is
everybodys fantasy.These types of books touch on this and can take the reader
along a journey of love and heart break.The internet has paved the way for many
new writers to take the stage offering their own stories, giving this genre a
wide range of storylines and writing styles.A lot of these books are available
for free as these writers want to get their name recognized and also achieve
valuable five-star reviews.These are mainly available as free downloads but
before you go ahead you should always make sure that the source is reliable and
that there are no viruses in the files.Because of the InternetFind ArticleFeature Articles,
many lovers of Romance Books are actually turning to writing their own books
themselves.Avid readers who have been fans for many years can now get their
work published through many online mediums and sell their books.There are many
online romance book clubs where people with the same passion can join up and
network with other like-minded individuals.Today a reader is not restricted to
what they can find in a new or second hand bookshop as there are many other
ways of getting hold of more obscure books.The Internet is by far the biggest
and quickest source of information and is also the largest marketplace in the
world.Here is where the enthusiasts can find books that could be vintage or
openly available in a limited number of prints.Romance books have brought joy
to many readers and there are also a wide range of storylines to choose from.They
have remained the bestselling genre for many years and as more writers and
readers continue to take up this pastime it will grow larger in the future.Romance
books are here to stay and are not just for hopeless romantics and single


This video is about the characters from the wattpad story Endless love
If you’re interested on reading it, here’s the links
Book 1 Love Never Dies:https://my.w.tt/EgcY5OuNy9
Book 2 Endless Love: https://l.messenger.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.wattpad.com%2Fstory%2F256255712%3Futm_source%3Dandroid%26utm_medium%3Dlink%26utm_content%3Dshare_writing%26wp_page%3Dcreate%26wp_uname%3DChinBlytheKyleSeth%26wp_originator%3DLxfU%252FNeF0zpSf9442p0Upwo049jaF5zpQuXN9%252BgyV%252FZm6Ach4c8nlQvKW6P5yFSddNPpAJHac4mGqJ14FWF9EmSFIvXM9foO1Vg6qKTg%252BHrx9xIgyCyYj7D4%252FnPccype&h=AT1AfMNVWUB1-6ULST5t90aLjxjhKQy2SfkV0F5B4VBmXim_EBX7GGIyO0dIDBNhpN_G2NnvTjNHNbgNd_9vk_hgCrBvtZrT-2VZQTO4PQ0p_ia6R-YRxaKGK-jf1W0_p-H_6krorNPLUxHVvOWK-Q